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There is a wide range of facial peels that can be used to address various issues with the skin on the face or another highly visible parts of the body. An individual’s skin type and personal goals often factor very heavily in determining which type of facial peel is right for them.

Here at the Lux Spa, in Chicago, Illinois, our Aesthetician Dawn Stringini has over two decades of training and experience in medical skincare. After a basic assessment of your skin, which also includes capturing your vision for the improvements you would like made, she can help you understand the facial peel that is best for you.

A Glytone facial peel is specially formulated to remove the top layers of your skin while enhancing your appearance and improving overall skin health. It uses trichloracetic acid to dry top layers of your dermal cells.

Also known as TCA this non-toxic chemical peel helps to promote your skin’s natural exfoliation, while also reducing the appearance of acne blemishes and pore size. In some cases the peeling process may take a few days to fully improve your skin’s tone and texture.

If you live in the Chicago, Illinois, area and you have been considering a facial peel to restore your skin’s youthful tone and texture, you should call 773-868-4800 to set up an appointment at the Lux Spa.