Dawn Stringini – Master Aesthetic Specialist

Dawn Stringini is a specialist in medical skin care with over 23 years of experience. Her focus in on excellence, and she continues advancing her knowledge and abilities with ongoing education in skin care. She educates her clients on how nutrition and skin care work together.

Dawn has been devoted to learning state of the art skin care techniques, treatments, and products. The knowledge she has is passed on to her clients so that they too can care for their skin with ongoing results. She brings the latest advances and continues to research skin care ultimately for her clients.

My Motto: “Inside out & outside in”

I help women, men, and teenagers gain their confidence back by educating them on the health of their skin from the inside out. I help them see that there is another way by treating the body as a whole. The products I use are from a live source and are truly 100% natural. My clients see real results, whether it’s clearing up acne or bringing back firmness and more of an even tone to the skin.

I learned how to treat the skin as an organ. It’s not about the skin you see, the real results are produced by treating the layers you don’t see.

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