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As you age your skin’s natural rate of exfoliation and dermal collagen production starts to slow. This process of skin aging can cause fine lines, wrinkles, sallow facial features and crows feet to appear.

Here at the Lux Spa located in Chicago, Illinois, our experienced aesthetician, Dawn Stringini, offers BOTOX® as a viable solution for addressing many of the cosmetic imperfections associated with skin aging.

BOTOX® is technically onabotulinumtoxinA. This fluid can be injected into the muscles of your brow. It temporarily freezes or reduces muscle movement in the area. This can improve the appearance of the treatment area by reducing moderate and severe lines and wrinkles without the need for invasive cosmetic surgery and stitches.

After the injection you can immediately return to your normal daily activities. The average BOTOX® patient will see results within two days of the injection. The effect can last as long as four months. At this point, most patients choose to have a second injection of BOTOX® to help them maintain a healthy, calm and more alert appearance.

If necessary our aesthetician can advise you of any other treatment options which might help address other cosmetic imperfections.

If you live in the Chicago, Illinois, area and you have been thinking about addressing a facial feature with a BOTOX® injection, you should call 773-868-4800 to set up an appointment at the Lux Spa.