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Your skin cells are designed to naturally be replaced by younger cells through a process which is known as exfoliation. As younger skin cells emerge from the dermis it also helps to stimulate collagen production in the deeper dermal layers.

In your younger years, the exfoliation process provided you with smooth and even skin tone. Unfortunately, the natural processes in growing older can reduce your skin’s natural rate of exfoliation. This can cause fine lines to appear, and a general dulling of your skin’s luster and tone.

While retail grade exfoliating creams with retinol can make minor improvements to your skin’s appearance, they often lack the potency offered by a glycolic or lactic exfoliant offered by the Lux Spa in Chicago, Illinois.

Glycolic and lactic exfoliants are gentle and can vary in potency when necessary. They are designed to remove the uppermost layer of the epidermis, leaving your skin smoother and clearer.

This can help provide you with smoother skin that has a more youthful luster. It also helps to effectively stimulate collagen production to restore some of your skin’s youthful elasticity.

In some cases, glycolic and lactic exfoliants have also helped improve minor dark spots, and acne scars.

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