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At the Lux Spa in Chicago, Illinois, we are pleased to be your center for skin care. With our expertise, you can enjoy healthier skin and a more aesthetically pleasing appearance, provided comfortably in a spa-like environment.

Our master aesthetic specialist, Dawn Stringini has been helping clients look and feel their best by applying her knowledge and experience. She also helps our clients understand how nutrition and skin care complement one another, and along with ongoing aftercare, this make all the difference in your appearance!

Dawn achieves this effect by helping you understand that the skin an organ, and it’s greatly affected by the layers underneath it. as you might have noticed, with each passing year, your skin undergoes changes, partly because of less production of collagen that lies in the deeper layers of the skin, but also because of diminished exfoliation. These effects are heightened if you are not eating right, wearing sunscreen or engaging in unhealthy habits. If you are looking for help with fine lines, loose skin and wrinkles. we can help.

One of the treatments Dawn offers our clients is the Ultra Mask. This mask is full of natural enzymes and proteins to noticeably tighten your skin while improving its function. This means you can reap appreciable effects on your skin’s appearance, function and health.

How does the Ultra Mask achieve this? As a facial mask, it is used to treat the skin and help provide nourishment and hydration to tone and rejuvenate the skin on your face. After Ultra Mask treatments, you will see the difference in your appearance and healthier skin. Overall you will look more youthful.

How it works

Step 1- The Ultra Mask is applied to your face for about 10-15 minutes.
Step 2 – While you relax comfortably, the mask will pull out the impurities in your skin.
Step 3 – The mask will be removed and quality moisturizers will be applied to your face.

Improved skin is as easy and convenient as that! If you are currently in the Chicago, Illinois, area and want help with your skin and appearance, please call 773-868-4800 to schedule an Ultra Mask at the Lux Spa.