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On a functional level, human skin plays an important role in protecting muscles, organs, and other parts of the body from direct exposure to the outside world. While this is certainly an important job, it is not your skin’s only role in your overall health, appearance, and quality of life.


As you grow older decreased exfoliation, reduced collagen production, sun exposure, and other changes in your body can alter the health and natural appearance of your skin. This can cause the gradual appearance of dark spots, changes in the appearance of your moles, fine lines, wrinkles, skin that looks sallow, and other cosmetic imperfections.


Here at the Lux Spa in Chicago, Illinois, our team of professionals offers a wide range of services to help address the health and appearance of your skin. We offer various treatments such as medical microdermabrasion, micro needling, chemical peels, dermal fillers, exfoliants, and other treatments to improve the skin’s appearance.


Many of these processes also help you to understand your skin, the factors associated with maintaining and improving general skin health, as well as reduce your chances of suffering skin health issues in the future.


If you live in or will be visiting the Chicago, Illinois, area and you have a skin health or cosmetic concern, you should consider calling 773-868-4800 to set up an appointment at the Lux Spa.